Stuck in the Middle

  The end is never clear, and the beginning no longer. Always Stuck In the Middle.   Leslie St. Spits Toronto, Ontario Advertisements

Raze the City

  A storm was moving in from the south west, these clouds began to take over the city’s waterfront. Taken from out on Lake Ontario. Toronto, Ontario


From the bridge to the Danforth. Toronto, Ontario  

No Bikes Allowed

  Don’t even think about bringing your bike under there… Toronto, Ontario

Half and Half

  Interesting paint job on the side of this house. Not quite sure what compelled them to go about this style, but they’ve done their job in catching my attention. That is of… Continue reading

Drops of Life

  It was raining that day. I felt tired and diminished.  The streetcar was full, and stunk of lives left in the gutter. But who am I to talk? Life hadn’t been so good… Continue reading

Two Tones

  Around the neighbourhood. Leslieville, Toronto

Riverdale Skyline

  A view of the city from Riverdale Park. Toronto, Ontario

Streaking on Dundas

  Just trying to get the hang of long exposure shots at night. Dundas St. E., Toronto

Double Ds

  This garage sits across the street from my apartment. No doubt a very cool looking location. That’s all I got, what do you what from me at 3am? Leslieville, Toronto